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Liar, liar, pants on fire

Sometimes the Lord wakes me up in the middle of the night. He won't let me sleep until I get up and write a blog post. I haven't written many blog posts lately, and I kind of believe that has something to do with being a newly wed. Biblically, when someone first got married they did nothing the first year except be with their spouse. I think it is more than that for me. I've learned alot this past year.

When I was still dating my husband, before we got married, I told him to look up. I showed him the massive amount of chemtrails they were spraying above us and what it meant. He was shocked because no-one had ever shown him that before. I told him about 9/11 and the federal reserve and he started to understand the grand deception being played on us. Not that he just took my word on it, but he looked into it for himself and was shocked when he recognized the truth. The truth is a hard pill to swallow. In a way, you have to want the truth. I mean, REALLY WANT IT. Part of really wanting the truth, is being willing to let go of your tightly held belief systems. That is really hard. So hard, they actually have a term for it. Cognitive dissonance.

I had a chance to take some free online classes on html/css and web design this past year. I learned how to use photoshop and illustrator and honed up on my computer skills. At the time I thought it was to boost up my resume. But now I understand that it was to show me something profound about the way we are brainwashed in the system. The system has gotten worse and more evil since I last went to school. I always thought I would be great at marketing and advertising. I loved doing logo design and the idea of coming up with a branding slogan. In my classes I learned about this new category in the IT realm. It's called UE. User Experience. The woman who taught that segment of the class said something that just really bugged me. She said that the point of user experience was to, "decrease the user's cognitive load, so that their anxiety when using our product is lessened, and their delight is heightened." (Liz Hubert). Cognitive load. Pretty much: Be happy, don't worry. Because we wouldn't want people to have to think now would we. I kindof got soured on those classes after that.

The world is full of lies. Satan is the master liar, and he has been deceiving us for a very long time. He is adamantly opposed to us ever knowing the truth. Not just about things on the earth but especially things in heaven. I don't mean the fictional place we think of heaven where everyone goes when they die. I mean spiritual realities on a higher level. We can't know the truth by what the world teaches. Everything the world teaches is a lie. I'm sorry, but that is just the way it is. God is real and Jesus was a real person. It does not matter what the world tells you about it, they are lying to you. I could so go on a rant about this but that is not the purpose of this blog post.

So I told my husband that I did not believe the earth was spinning. I said, "what about when a helicopter goes straight up and hovers, wouldn't the earth spin away under them?" My husband said, "the atmosphere is spinning with the earth." I said, "if a plane is traveling with the spin going to a destination and flying back against the spin, how come it takes the same amount of time when you come back as it did when you went. I mean really, when has the flight back been longer then the one you took to get there?" He did not have an answer for that one. I went on to say, "lets say that it is 2015 and we have a helicopter that can actually go into space. At what point does the helicopter going straight up, break through the "atmospheric gravity" and start to see the earth spinning?" He kindof didn't want to talk about it anymore. But he still listens, even if he refuses to go through any cognitive dissonance. He is not ready to believe that they lied about this too.

I started to look at some you-tube videos about the earth not spinning. It was strange what I found and even stranger that I knew what was presented to me was the truth - no matter how crazy it really was. When you understand that the moon landings were faked and you know that NASA are big fat liars, you really understand that they could be literally lying to us on a global level.

So here is the truth. You come here for a reason. Maybe this is it. Do you want the truth? You. Can't. Handle. The truth.

Monday, March 9, 2015

40 Interviews

The Lord has been showing me many things and every time I want to write a blog post about it - I feel very strongly not to. The things I am going through are for me and the people in my life and just not for the general public. I went on my 40th job interview recently and got my 40th rejection letter. 40, as you know, is a very significant number in scripture. It signifies a time of trial and testing and also judgement. Let me tell you, try going on 40 job interviews in two years and not get a single job offer. It is definitely trials and tribulations, especially if money is so tight. But, as is His mercy and grace, somehow we made it through each month, with all our needs met - and financially, it could not be worked out on paper.

I fully understand the verse now that talks about the difference between a single woman and a married one. The single woman is free to be fully submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit, where a married woman has to be concerned with the WORLD - how she may please her husband. This is nothing against my husband, who is the promised husband. He is a really good husband, who takes care of my heart and is protective and my very best friend. He loves me very deeply, more deeply than anyone has ever loved me in my whole life, and I love him deeply. I am fully submitted to him and his decisions are very good, but I definitely do not feel the freedom to walk by the spirit like I did before. Yet there are reasons for this because the Lord continues to purge me and teach me and perfect me. The 40 signifies that the walk continues, the journey is the same, just time for new lessons that cannot be learned as a single woman. A new phase, with deeper understanding.

My husband wanted me to get a job. My family as well. So I applied to all sorts of jobs. Really good jobs, crappy part time jobs. I even applied at Game Stop because of my vast knowledge of video games. The woman who interviewed me told me that she had never played a video game before she got her job as she proceeded to tell me that I was overqualified to work there. Hello, I am more qualified to work there than you lady! Whatever. I went on a 3 hour interview for a library and made the horrible mistake of saying that if I didn't know how to do something I could Google it, and I don't know what we did before we had Google. The woman looked at me in horror. Oh yeah, that's right. Before Google people went to the library and looked stuff up. Towards the end, I had extremely good interviews. The kind where the people interviewing me made a point of telling me, well done, and that it was a great interview. But, still I wouldn't get the job. Lots of people would give me unsolicited advice. Where I should apply, what websites to go to. I'd be like, Hello! I've had 40 job interviews, you don't think I'm looking for work?! Yet at the end of the day, no doors were opened, no job offers. I know why that is. God does not want me to work in the secular realm.

One of the big lessons I learned while in Casper, was the cut-throat, wicked ways of the world. Both in the workplace and in the church. My aunt would ask me if I wanted to go to a worship service with music at the local church. So I would go with her. People would be standing up with their arms raised and their palms facing the music with tears streaming down their faces like this was so from God. I would think to myself, this is a rock concert. Shouldn't we be holding up our lighters and screaming WhooHoo! The message in the services had no depth. Outwardly it looked like it belonged to God, but basically it was just like the world. Empty shows with no real truth.

My job there, was, as Les Visible likes to say, for the purpose of demonstration. A clear picture of the evil in high places. A microcosm that represents the ways of the world that I could see up close and personal. Unethical behavior, lies, deceit, cowardice, manipulation, back room deals, and targeted attacks. The lies and deception of the world has saturated every strata of society, even down to the local level. Our very own country is on the verge of becoming the new Hitler's Germany.

But, I am not to be one who concentrates on the world. I am not one who's heart is failing them for fear of the things coming on the earth. My job is to seek the Lord with my whole body, mind, and soul. The people who are locked into the manufactured reality of the world do not understand the calling of God and walking by the spirit of God. It is foolishness to them. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about it. I will continue to seek the Lord, through trials, tribulations, and purging.

Hope you all are well.
Love in Christ.